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AC Milan Player of the Month: Suso

Suso showed his class this month and thus he is August’s Player of the Month.

AC Milan v US Citta di Palermo - Serie A Photo by Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

August was a great month for the Rossoneri. Suso led the charge and played great football in the Europa League and especially the Serie A. He is a player that can change games at will and can be a true dynamo for the squad. This past month’s play could have earned him a new contract as well. He would deserve it. So, let’s take a look at his past month.

Suso showed great initiative starting the season on fire in the Serie A and Europa League after a relatively quiet offseason. His Serie A performances have been magical and really helped Milan will their way to two wins in two games. In the first match versus Crotone he played well as did the whole team and scored an easy tap in for what would be 3-0 victory.

He scored twice in two games and his goal from the free kick versus Cagliari in Matchday Two was just spectacular. Against Cagliari if not for Suso Milan would have settled for a lackluster draw and he came in the most needed moment for Milan and without a world class striker or at least a fully developed one, the team could rely on Suso to save them more than once this season.

His final tally for the month are two goals and two assists in the first two Serie A league games. He also played pretty well in the qualifying leg against Shkëndija in the first leg victory of 6-0.

So what makes Suso so good?

He is a great winger, only 23, and can only get better. He was one of the few bright spots last season and now with a much more strengthened squad he can be even better with more open space. He is a great set piece taker as evidenced by the video above and a great finisher too. Lastly, his dribbling is great and his long shot is a beauty when taken on right.

Suso is August’s AC Milan’s Player of the Month.

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