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Recap: Crotone 0-3 AC Milan

Milan put a 10-man Crotone in the shade

FC Crotone v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Milan started off on the right foot, taking home three points, and putting as many goals in the back of the net. It was without ifs or buts, a commanding performance the Rossoneri put on, with a deluge of goal-scoring occasions and the lion’s share as far as possession is concerned.

The Rossoneri came out firing on all cylinders, and luck was very much on their side today, as they received a penalty in the early minutes, courtesy of some great work on Cutrone’s part in the penalty box. Kessie put it away, drawing first blood.

The same Cutrone went on to put Milan two up on 18 minutes, heading home a great cross sent in the box by a Suso who tormented Crotone’s defence for the most part of the game and was ubiquitous in attack, with crosses, good passes, and feints. He picked up exactly where he left off last season, with assists and goals, and playing an instrumental part in how Milan move on the field. He rounded off his performance with a goal of his own six minutes later. Milan went to the dressing room at half time with the game pretty much in the bag, and they came out with their feet off the pedal, to some extent. They didn’t allow Crotone too many chances, but they lacked part of the hunger and cohesion seen in the first half. An imposing defense, with a magisterial Bonucci and Mussachio made sure that Crotone didn’t get too much of a chance to reduce the gap. As for Conti and Rodriguez, they were constant threats in attack, while at the same time not skipping out on their defensive duties.

The point is Milan delivered the goods, while the team really seems to already gel. We have seen a solid team in all departments, if still a little lacking in attack. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem any more, with the arrival of Kalinic.

In spite of the performance, it’s only fair to say Milan haven’t exactly been put through their paces, playing against a ten-man team for the entirety of the game. We’ll have to wait until the next game to really put things into perspective, as to where to place this AC Milan in the Serie A right now.