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Milan Not Giving up on Renato Sanches Just Yet

A first offer has reportedly been turned down.

ICC Singapore - Bayern v FC Internazionale Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images for ICC

Milan have made no secret of their desire to sign Portuguese youngster Renato Sanches from Bayern, but the change of heart of the Bavarian club seemed to have rendered any attempt of taking the youngster away from Allianz Arena on a permanent deal a fool’s errand.

AC Milan however have apparently no intention of calling it quits, having submitted an offer that would have set them back something in the neighborhood of €50m, had it not been rejected.

To further complicate things, Antonio Conte's Chelsea have also gotten into the act and are anxious to pounce on Renato Sanches, reports say.

On the other hand, Inter Milan’s Jao Mario has urged Sanches to join the Rossoneri, and while Milan’s offer fell short of Bayern’s demands, we shouldn’t rule out a move just yet. A first formal offer has been made, a first stride has been made.

We will keep you posted.