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Roma’s Pallotta takes swipe at Milan

And then he apologises! Strange.

LaPresse / Alfredo Falcone

James Pallotta,co-owner and the chairman of Roma pummeled Milan for their spending spree while speaking to Sirius XM FC on Thursday, saying they have “lost their minds”, as “they didn’t have the money in the first place” to bankroll their project.

Pallotta’s vitriolic swipe at Milan didn’t take long to reach the ears of Milan’s Marco Fassone, who stunned by the unusual brazenness of such statements, pointed the finger at Roma’s own debt which is “seen by everyone”, and that they have to dig themselves out of - all in a video posted this morning on the official Facebook page of the club .

Fassone proceeded to assure everybody that the club has a clean balance sheet and they are more than ready for a head-to-head comparison, in this regard, with the Giallorossi.

Pallotta backtracked on his previous comments, in the wake of what Marco Fassone had to say, apologizing if he had been wide of the mark and went on to “wish Milan the best, and I wish good luck to their new owners. I look forward to the new owners working alongside us in an incisive way for the good of Serie A”, as quoted by