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What Can Biglia Offer to Milan?

Milan are targeting the Lazio man next - what could he for for Milan?

SS Lazio v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Milan seem to be circling around their fourth potential signing of the summer - by hopefully bringing in Argentine midfielder, Lucas Biglia, to reinforce their midfield even further after the previous acquisition of Franck Kessie from Atalanta. The rumoured €25 million fee is steep, especially for a 31-year old player, but it’s hard to find top midfielders today, and in today’s mercato, these sorts of prices are hardly uncommon.

What can Biglia bring to Milan, though?

Return of the Regista

With Biglia’s return, Milan may have finally found themselves the regista they’ve been looking for for years. Sure, Biglia may not be Pirlo or Iniesta, but he is more than capable of distributing the ball, and his defensive prowess is evident. He can control the game and set up plays which is exactly what Milan have been missing in these years. This excellent vision is vitally important for any team, and if Milan want to challenge for a Champions League spot next year, they’ll need a player like Biglia to do it.

Biglia can do it all. Pass, defend, attack. Heck, he can even shoot. It’s hard to find a player of his caliber on the market, and while Badelj and others may have been cheaper, Biglia possesses all the attributes you’re looking for from an ideal midfielder.

Bye, Bye, Montolivo

One of the big pros of this deal, at least for Milan fans, is that we probably won’t be seeing much of Montolivo anymore. The captain isn’t exactly a fan favorite, and his performances are lacklustre to say the least. The switch from Montolivo to Biglia is a significant jump in quality, and it’s a change Milan fans have been asking for for years.

Another plus is that we’d be taking away a key player from Lazio, a team that could rival us for the last Champions League spot next year. The same goes for Kessie, Conti, and Belotti, although those last two transfers are simply speculation. The more we weaken our opponents, the easier it should be to defeat them next season.

Leadership & Mentoring

With Biglia’s age comes plenty of experience. The Lazio captain and veteran midfielder’s history and poise will come in handy when mentoring and leading the younger part of Milan’s squad. Milan had the youngest starting lineup in the league this year, and with players such as Kessie and Locatelli, Biglia will have to take them under his wing.

While many cite Biglia’s age as a problem with the transfer fee Milan will pay, Locatelli is poised to be the prospect to replace Biglia following his departure. If Biglia can act as a sort of mentor for the young Italian, I have no doubt that Locatelli will serve as a suitable replacement for the Argentinian.

Yes, the price is steep, and maybe Mirabelli and Fassone did overpay for Biglia, but he offers quality and solidity in the midfield that is hard to find. If we have the money, we might as well spend it. With every signing, Milan get closer and closer to looking like a Champions League caliber side.

Now, let’s go out and get ourselves Modric to complete the trio of signings. Tolisso would work too. Please?