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Marco Fassone responds to Mino Raiola’s media comments

Fassone cleared the air - now we have two stories and no answers!

AC Milan v Bologna FC - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It didn't take long for AC Milan CEO Marco Fassone to respond to claims made by Mino Raiola last night. In fact, Marco Fassone made sure he covered all bases.

The CEO had a lot to say, but namely that neither he nor Mirabelli threatened Donnarumma. Simply put, it was knowledge that Milan would have to work to replace Donnarumma that was taken as a threat. According to Fassone, there was never a threat to bench Donnarumma - that decision is up to the team manager; Vincenzo Montella. Fassone added that he would not mind if Donnarumma played in each and every game for Milan.

It is the words of Fassone that we have to judge against Raiola's. Take it or leave it. It seems that the actions of Fassone in suggesting that Milan would need to search for a replacement might have been the straw that broke the camel's back for the agent and his client.

As for Mirabelli? Fassone disregarded this and said it was AC Milan that dealt with Raiola, not him, not Mirabelli. Both as a unit. If the deal fell apart because of Mirabelli's awkward relationship with Raiola, then actions need to be taken to ensure that Gigio does not suffer because of the idiocy of two grown men.