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AC Milan and Mino Raiola set to go to war

Super-agent vs AC Milan - who will win?

Atalanta BC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

AC Milan - Marco Fassone and his transfer partner Mirabelli - are extremely upset with the actions of Mino Raiola following his client Gianluigi Donnarumma’s refusal to sign a new contract with the Rossoneri and if the relationship wasn’t good before between the agent and Milan, it is toxic right now.

It can certainly be argued that Mino is a fantastic agent - he’s done his job here and he certainly has gone above and beyond to ensure that Donnarumma moves clubs. There is benefit here as both will receive payment - Mino for his services in facilitating a transfer and Donnarumma, via the obvious contract he will receive. Mino has also invited Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid to bid for Donnarumma - but Milan are set to refuse any offer and will bench Donnarumma. They certainly will do anything that they can to make life hard for Raiola and Donnarumma. Raiola is set to combat this and will consult the legality of Milan’s move to bench Donnarumma with lawyers and could take legal action if Milan punish Donnarumma.

Repubblica are set on the idea that Raiola’s existing client base at Milan will be sold off - this includes Giacomo Bonaventura and Ignazio Abate. Both would be big losses for Milan, but Fassone is incredibly serious about his refusal to deal with Raiola in the future - not just for the refusal, but for the length at which the deal and the answer has been dragged out. If both players are serious about staying at Milan, they will have to sack Raiola or be moved on. An incredibly difficult choice.

It’s not just chaos right now, but all-out war between a club and an agent.