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Donnarumma’s fate set to be decided tomorrow

It’s D-Day. Donnarumma day, on Thursday.

AC Milan v Juventus FC - 2016 Italian Super Cup Photo by AK BijuRaj/Getty Images

Mino Raiola and Fassone are set to convene on Thursday to talk about Gianluigi Donnarumma’s future. Will Gigio stay, or will he go?

Donnarumma’s future hangs in the balance, and Raiola isn’t exactly the agent you’d want your 18 year old wonderkid goalkeeper to have. Mino is known for being an especially greedy agent, and the more transfers his players make, the more money flows in. We’ve seen this with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Mario Balotelli, and Paul Pogba. That seems to be the case with Donnarumma as well.

Fassone and Mirabelli had imposed a deadline for the player’s response. That day was today. No response. In fact, the two parties are not exactly on friendly terms; it’s been reported that Mirabelli personally contacted Donnarumma, something that infuriated Raiola. Milan’s leadership are furious as well. They have not been informed of the recent developments in Donnarumma’s situation, and as the delays pile up and the uncertainty builds, their relationship with both Raiola and Gigio becomes more and more tense.

There’s no good option for Milan in this scenario. If Donnarumma leaves, Milan will be left without arguably their best player of last season’s campaign, a player who was voted as Europe’s best keeper by WhoScored. If he stays, however, it seems a transfer will be inevitable. Milan will have to pay a hefty €5 million/year to the young keeper, and they will probably have to see him go in a couple of years, possibly to a bigger club like Real Madrid, a side whom Donnarumma has already voiced interest in joining.

The renewal seemed to be set in stone after excerpts of a GQ Italia interview were released yesterday, Donnarumma hinting that he was looking for a house in central Milan and stating his love for Milan. Where is that love now?

This painful deliberation isn’t good for anyone. Donnarumma has received lots of hate from the fans, ruining his stellar reputation among the Rossoneri. Many argue that he should dump Raiola or simply leave, Plizzari being touted as a possible replacement. Milan are unable to completely set their focus on the matters at hand, instead left unsure of whether they’ll have a goalkeeper for next year. Raiola’s reputation certainly isn’t getting any better among the fans or the new ownership. A complete severance of the club’s relationship with the agent may be in store, something that may lead to both Bonaventura and Abate being forced out or compelled to find themselves a new agent.

Whatever happens, it needs to happen soon. This isn’t helping anyone, and Milan need to know what is going on. They have spent too much time in the dark on this renewal as Donnarumma, Raiola, and the player’s family discussed the wonder kid’s future privately, trying to milk every last dollar out of Milan’s new ownership.

If Donnarumma leaves, so be it. There will be an influx of cash to be spent on other reinforcements. We have a potential replacement in Plizzari.

If he stays, he has to realize that he is no longer Milan’s star player, no longer the fans’ idol. This refusal to accept a mega deal at just 18 years of age, a deal that would make him one of the top paid goalkeepers in all of the world has tarnished his reputation forever. He will not be treated like a kid anymore. Every single mistake he makes, every stupid decision will be pointed out by the fans, and he has only himself to blame.