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Milan on Monday - 12th June 2017

Feels and Milan for this week.

AC Milan v Bologna FC - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Hey - I’m going to start writing a new weekly piece to round up Milan news, football news and whatever. A bit of thing to speak about what’s going on. Hope you enjoy the first edition.

It’s been a weird year or so of writing for this website. I remember my first article went up minutes before a driving lesson - regarding Cesare Maldini’s death. It was on the verge of summer. Times have been a bit rough for me since then - but they have also been rough for Milan.

Can you remember Milan under Sinisa Mihajlovic or even Brocchi? It’s only 400 days ago or so, but it feels longer than that. Under Vincenzo Montella, Milan have leaped forth. It hasn’t been as easy as it seems though, it was only a few weeks ago that Milan were considering sacking Montella in favour of Roberto Mancini. Montella banished any thought of losing his job - and got on with it - qualifying for the Europa League and saving his role. I spent a number of days in the hospital under the early days of Montella - and missed plenty of exciting games. I didn’t get to enjoy the connection with him that a lot of Milan fans felt, especially during his early season antics with the stroppy Carlos Bacca. As Milan hit the Christmas period and experience a joy in Doha - I left my job. It was a new landscape for my club and me. It didn’t work out though - not until the end.

For Milan? It was rocky, there were some fantastic triumphs after the Supercoppa win, but some big losses. Milan’s goal was to grab a continental qualification spot and in the end they did - but not without risking it all. A last gasp draw with Inter Milan saved their blushes and a resounding victory over Bologna finally pushed the Rossoneri over the edge. Milan got back on top, in a way - so maybe I will too.

It’s important to remember that Montella got very far with Milan without cash - he brought in a few players, but the biggest addition was a loan deal. Gerard Deulofeu was a star for Milan after joining on loan from Everton. The Spaniard was kicked to shreds in the Premier League and started to sulk at Everton - this was not the case in Milan, though. Deulofeu was great for us and ideally he’ll return soon - on a permanent deal. However, If he can’t put his Everton antics behind himself, he can forget it

And what about the transfer window so far? I’d be happy with it closing shut. Rodriguez, Kessie and Musacchio are world-class additions in my eyes and improve Milan greatly. Ideally, we’ll bring in more as any injury to this trio will see us slump once more.

Milan still need one thing - a striker. Morata turned us down, so we should move on. We’re still sparring with Torino for Belotti - but we need to get a striker nailed down before the big guns move in. Milan are a giant club, but have enacted their transfer business at lightning speed. The Champions League clubs will have holes to fill and will look to the targets that Milan are talking to now. Act fast Fassone!

It’s been an enjoyable few weeks for Milan fans. Long may it continue - it’s certainly doing my mental health a world of good!