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Here’s the new AC Milan jersey

It’s pretty

One of the most exciting day for football fans worldwide is when a new kit, shirt or jersey is released for their favourite team.

That day, for Milan fans, is today - with AC Milan and Adidas releasing the full design of the 2017/18 Rossoneri jersey.

Modelled by Gianluca Lapadula, the new Milan jersey is a return to tradition. Gone are the ‘bleeding stripes’ of 2016/17 which garnered a mixed reception from fans. Back in are the bold red & black stripes. Milan enthusiasts will also note a centralised red stripe which harkens back to the Milan kits of the older days.

You can’t experiment much with the Rossonero but sometimes, simplicity is best. This shirt is pretty much perfection and in my eyes? It’s a classic. You can’t go wrong with red and black - even Adidas have tried their best to do so - but this is the perfect kit to define Milan’s new era. Bold.