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Montella believes he has a future at Milan

The truth? Who knows.

Atalanta BC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

The current managerial situation for AC Milan still remains precarious - despite Milan pulling the cat out of the bag on Saturday night to avoid a loss against Atalanta.

However, current manager - Vincenzo Montella - isn’t worried at all about the status of his employment. Speaking to Premium Sport (via ESPN) Montella said he knows the club ‘trusts him’ and that there is a huge project he is responsible for at Milan.

Certainly, Montella’s Rossoneri showed tremendous spirit in their match against Atalanta to find a last-gasp goal once more to tie the match, but they should have avoided that position in the first place. That late goal could have been a winner in another universe.

RSIL under the leadership of Li Yonghong as well as Marco Fassone seem set to replace Vincenzo Montella with another head coach if Montella fails to guide Milan to the Europa League this season. Fassone is quite close with former Inter boss Roberto Mancini, so it would seem that a replacement for Montella will always, always be waiting in the wings.