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The bell tolls for Vincenzo Montella

Despite a fairly ‘ok’ season - Milan’s owners do not seem happy with Montella

FC Crotone v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

According to a report in the Italian publication, La Repubblica, AC Milan’s owners could remove Vincenzo Montella from his role as AC Milan’s manager should Montella fail to guide the Rossoneri to Europa League qualification. Milan are currently holding onto the last qualification spot (depending on the outcome of the Coppa Italia) by the skin of their teeth, but Inter Milan and Fiorentina are not far behind at all.

Should Milan fail to qualify for the Europa League at the end of this season, it looks like Milan will remove Montella. A situation which has come about due to the new owners and leadership group and their closeness to Montella’s potential replacement - Roberto Mancini.

Mancini was dismissed as Inter Milan manager late last summer and is still looking for a job - however his friendship with Marco Fassone means that his presence has put the pressure on Montella, simply because a candidate is waiting in the wings.

Any dismissal of Montella would seem rather unfair. Overall he has performed fairly reasonably despite having nothing to spend and with a lot of instability at the club above his level. Despite that, Montella has failed on numerous occasions to guide his team past poor opposition in results that may just cost Milan their European spot.