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Donnarumma’s bounceback from error shows that he is the real deal

Gigio made a howler against Pescara - that won’t happen again.

US Sassuolo v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

You might not have expected it - but Gigio Donnarumma was the man that shouldered a big portion of the blame for Milan’s weekend draw with Pescara.

Yes, the backpass was terrible, yes it was at speed - but as a goalkeeper you aren’t going to touch the ball often, so you need to master every occassion you do touch the ball. Like the shortstop in baseball, the defensive aspects of the goalkeepers game to be at 100%, all of the time. In short, Donnarumma made a mistake, but the young Italian has come out of it with his head held high and his smile bright and wide.

In a interview with Milan TV, Donnarumma apologised for his error, while stating that the mishap will help him grow and that it will not get him down.

The value of a good goalkeeper? In my eyes it isn’t the amazing saves or defensive displays, it’s about ironing out the weaknesses in their game and mastering the mental aspect of the position. Donnarumma seems to have conquered the latter, but can he get better with the ball at his feet? If there’s anyone who can, it’s him.