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AC Milan make first signing of new era

Massimo Mirabelli will lead the line as Milan’s new owners restructure.

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AC Milan Press Conference Photo by Studio Buzzi/AC Milan via Getty Images

After long-held takeover talks and many delays, Milan’s new owners RSIL and Li Yonghong have wasted no time in restructuring the football club behind the scenes and have made their first signing - appointing Massimo Mirabelli as their technical director.

Mirabelli might be a somewhat controversial appoint to die-hard Rossoneri as his last big job in the game was leading the scouting team a few yards away from AC Milan, over at Inter Milan. However, we’d be crazy to dismiss the work of Mirabelli, who joined Inter three years ago, as he helped bring Ivan Perisic over to Inter - and we only need to go back a few days to see the prowess of Perisic, who almost single handedly carved AC Milan up in the derby.

It is assumed that this will place Mirabelli above coach Montella in the Milan hierarchy, but one would like to think they would be seen as equals, as Montella has worked near-magic on a shoestring this year. Hopefully Mirabelli can equip Montella with everything he needs to succeed at Milan!