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Is this the new Milan jersey?

All signs say yes.

‘Tis the season for kit leaks and new shirts, jerseys and what have you. What does that mean for Milan fans? It means the chance to get a first glimpse at the kit that the Rossoneri will be playing in next season.

Below from the trustworthy Footy Headlines is a leak of Milan’s 17/18 home shirt. If you remember, the same website nailed it last year when it predicted Milan’s current jersey with the ‘bleeding stripes’.

It’s a bit of a return to normality for Adidas, and while I enjoyed this season’s effort, nobody can argue with the classic look of Milan. There’s not much that can be done to change the look of the shirt, simply because the Rossoneri jersey is so iconic. That does mean that Milan fans have to endure some weird experimentation on occassion, but it also almost always means that Milan fans, and the team, look pretty good.

What do you think?