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Donnarumma becomes youngest goalkeeper to start for Italy

They say goalkeepers age like fine wines - that means Gigio is one of a kind!

Italy Travels To Amsterdam Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

At eighteen years of age, Gianluigi Donnarumma has made his first start for the Italian national team as they face The Netherlands in Amsterdam.

Donnarumma seems to be the second in command to the legendary and evergreen Gianluigi Buffon - whose 1000th appearance in football came just last week as Italy beat Albania. Buffon’s retirement is looming and a very strong generation of Italian goalkeepers exists, waiting in the wings. It’s almost certain that Donnarumma will take over and at 18 will reach 100 appearances within the next season, just 10% of Buffon’s tally. However, Donnarumma has age and ability on his side and might very well be the man to surpass Buffon himself.

Alessio Romagnoli also starts for Italy, and while young - will not break any records for the Azzurri. Not just yet, anyway.

With players like Donnarumma and Romagnoli coming from Milan, the future seems quite bright for the Azzurri!