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The latest on the sale of AC Milan: What sale?

The sale of Milan is dead until it isn’t.

AC Milan Unveils 'Casa Milan' Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

As we all know - the takeover of AC Milan has seemingly fallen apart at the seams.

There’s been so many stories come through in the last number of days and I honestly could just copy and paste articles at this point. The latest? Nothing good is happening at all and as we all know, Yonghong Li is the remaining fragment of the Sino-Europe Sports group. A broker wouldn’t seem to have enough money to complete the sale, or even enough to complete the third deposit of 100 million euros. With 200 million already paid, it would seem that the sale could happen - but that wouldn’t fit in with what is currently going on.

Haixa capital, an investor involved in Sino-Europe seem to have fallen away from the pack of investors. The backing of the state seems to have eroded. Despite SES paying €200 million towards the full price of AC Milan - everything seems to have fallen apart, at face value anyway.

So, what’s the latest on the sale of AC Milan? It’s not happening. There is no sale. Unless things change around and parties join up with SES, or SES find coins under their couch - Milan are not being sold. Their group is a source of humor, a butt of jokes and that’s the value that Rossoneri fans should find from SES until SES get serious about their plan to purchase Milan.