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Milan’s dressing room destruction might cost them

If a 97th minute penalty wasn’t enough, the Rossoneri will be invoiced by Juventus for post-match antics.

Juventus FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

ESPN have reported that Milan might be footing the bill to repair the away dressing room following incidents that occurred within Juventus stadium following Milan’s 2-1 loss in Turin.

AC Milan’s Friday night match with Juventus descended into chaos as the referee brought an end to Juventus’ siege of Milan with a penalty that put the Rossoneri out of their misery. After enduring 24 shots from Juventus throughout the game, one would have been easily fooled into thinking that Milan and Montella via Donnarumma would pull off the draw. It took an intervention from the referee to break Milan’s spirit and condemn them to defeat with a rather lopsided penalty decision.

This decision naturally angered the Rossoneri who reacted as one would expect - but took it a slight step too far with a trashing of their dressing room in Juventus stadium. No comment has been released by Milan, but various reports do hint at graffiti and vandalism with the largest rumour being noted by Gazzetta and ESPN:

According to La Gazzetta, the word ladri (thieves) was written across two plaques which line the wall heading into the Milan dressing room from the pitch. The plaques commemorated the 2005 and 2006 Serie A titles, which have officially been taken from Juve due to the Calciopoli scandal.

Of course, take it with a pinch of salt - but this is serious business if true. While Juventus did ‘steal’ trophies - they can only be judged by the authorities and Milan have taken it upon themselves to make a statement not only about the events of the match, but the opinion of Italian football clubs to Juventus and the officials whom are believed to favour the Bianconeri.