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Milan 1 - 2 Juventus: Recap

Milan deservedly lost to a dominant Juventus side.

Juventus FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

You know the drill - Milan were in 7th place, and a win would have set Milan in 5th place. But, unlike last week, Milan played against Juventus— the champions of the Serie A for the last four years. The question was, would Milan inspire a glorious victory, or would Juventus continue their dominance?

Milan lined up as follows:

Juventus started off the game strong but failed to capitalize on several half-chances. Similarly to last week, Milan struggled to break out of their half, and Juventus dominated possession.

In the 24th minute Higuain had a chance at goal and fired low towards the bottom corner, but Donnarumma blocked the shot. It seemed as if a Juventus goal was inevitable. Six minutes later, Benatia fired a goal home:

At this point, it seemed as if Juventus was bound to crush Milan. Thankfully, Bacca finished a lucky break in the 43rd minute:

At the end of the first half, there was no doubt that Juventus deserved to be ahead, but Milan were clinical enough to finish their one real chance.

The second half was all Juventus and, eventually Juventus would score a well deserved goal. Donnarumma is one of the reasons why Milan stayed in the game so long:

Donnarumma is something special.

Juventus continued to attack Milan during the second half and had many chances but were unable to capitalize. This was, of course, until extra time in the 95th minute. Juventus was awarded a penalty and Dybala finished:

Juventus deserved to win the game as they had 24 total shots compared to Milan’s 6. Of those shots, Milan only had two on target compared to Juventus’ 11. Milan need to bounce back and re-inspire their run for European qualification.