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The sale of Milan has been postponed (again)

Not the kind of update the fans wanted: it seems that the closing will be postponed to 31st of March.

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AC Milan Unveils 'Casa Milan' Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It looks like the sale of Milan has been put back, once more.

We’ve been talking about the closing happening this week for a few days and we explained what might have happened if there had been problems with the Chinese investors - the Sino-Europe ground. Now it seems that the most probable scenario will be yet another delay until the end of March.

According to Sky Sport and La Gazzetta dello Sport, two of the investors that were supposed to be part of Sino-Europe actually left the company, leaving a €100 million hole in the group. For that reason, Fininvest were notified that SES would not have been able to pay the €320 million that would have finally closed the deal and decided to postpone the deadline to 31st of March, but not before receiving another €100 million euros of down payment.

Therefore, it’s likely that the Chinese investors will have ten days (until 10th of March) to pay the additional €100 million and see the deadline for the closing delayed until 31st of March. However, the meeting of the shareholders scheduled for 3rd of March has been confirmed by an official statement on AC Milan’s website.

This situation is becoming more like a bad, complicated joke than something positive and the fans are not enjoying it.