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Why the sale of AC Milan might be postponed (again)

It seemed that everything was ready for the closing, but it might not happen on 3rd of March

AC Milan Unveils 'Casa Milan' Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The sale of AC Milan might once more be on the rocks.

According to Sky Sport Italia, there are still several issues that might lead to the postponement of the meeting of the shareholders which was scheduled on 3rd of March or even worse scenarios, like the meeting being the meeting that decides to pull the plug on the sale.

In effect, the Chinese group (Sino-Europe) who are supposed to buy the stocks of AC Milan from the Berlusconi family, have not yet presented a complete list of the investors (A partial one does exist, though) as it was asked to do so by Fininvest the last time they met.

Also, the 320 million which was necessary for the closing still has yet to be paid and this might cause the whole process to slow down again. If not be canned completely.

For these two reasons, different things might happen in the next few days.

  1. Sino-Europe presents the list of the investors and pay what is due - completing the takeover of AC Milan.
  2. The meeting scheduled on 3rd of March will be postponed and the closing happens as soon as the payment is done.
  3. Fininvest and Sino-Europe negotiate an agreement for about 70-75% of the stocks for the 200 million that have already been paid in December.
  4. Berlusconi interrupts the negotiations, takes the 200 million that has already been paid and tries to find new buyers or manages the Rossoneri himself, once more.

While each of these 4 scenarios might become reality in the next few days, the second one seems to be the most probable — and reasonable — but there’s still time for the Chinese investors to present the necessary documents and pay the 320 million euros needed to close the deal.

However, the situation is evolving quickly and there will be updates in the next few days.