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Post-match roundup: Montella disputes Bacca penalty

Bacca scored a invalid penalty today and Montella thinks that’s wrong. Here’s what went down when Milan beat Sassuolo earlier today

US Sassuolo v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Milan managed to beat Sassuolo by one goal to nought earlier today in a match rife with controversy. Milan TV caught up with a few players as well as Milan bossman Vincenzo Montella, who almost took the side of Sassuolo regarding Milan’s penalty incident.

"It was a ridiculous situation. As far as the rules say, it should have been a free-kick to Sassuolo, but at the same time with the VAR technology, the penalty would have been repeated since two Sassuolo players were inside the area when Bacca took the penalty".

So, Montella agrees with everyone on planet Earth that Bacca’s penalty was invalid, but he’s also spotted that two Sassuolo men entered the penalty box before Bacca struck the ball. This makes the entire thing collapse. Basically, the penalty should have been retaken.

Asked about the game, Montella wasn’t happy:

"I'm not thinking about this. Today I can't be happy because I didn't like the aggressive attitude during the game".

He’s correct. The game was all over the place and there could, and should have been multiple red cards today. Sassuolo had multiple penalty shouts denied and if Milan continue to kick out at teams in the future, they will suffer.

More from Montella can be found here.