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Fininvest Denies Berlusconi Staying On At Milan

Alternative facts about Berlusconi staying on prove untrue

AC Milan v FC Internazionale - Berlusconi Trophy Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

On Tuesday afternoon, Fininvest, the holding company of the Berlusconi family, denied the reports which stated Silvio Berlusconi wanted to keep 20 per cent of AC Milan after the Chinese takeover.

As reported by football-italia, this rumor regarded the possibility that Berlusconi could keep a part of Milan shares with the role of honorary president, but Fininvest immediately denied it. Therefore, the negotiations with the Chinese group Sino-Europe will regard the 99.9% of the club, the entire part held by the Berlusconi family.

The Italian site Calcio e Finanza reports that there’s a meeting scheduled at the beginning of March where the long-awaited closure of the sale could occur. In effect, it’s reported that the Chinese group has already paid everything they had and it’s all set for the final moves.

This time, it really looks like the Berlusconi era, which started more than 30 years ago, is close to its end and the Rossoneri are ready to have a new owner.