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Former AC Milan legend, George Weah, enters Liberian Office

The AC Milan legend have made strides in politics.

George Weah of AC Milan Photo by Claudio Villa/ Grazia Neri/Getty Images

The famous no. 9 of the ‘90s, the first African player to win the Balon d'Or in 1995, George Weah has won the Liberian presidential election with over 61% of the vote. George Weah will succeed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - the first female African president, who defeated the Ex-Milan striker back in 2005.

George Weah topped the UCL scoring chart in ‘94-95 with Paris Saint Germain and joined Milan for the following seasons. Weah lifted the Serie A title, playing alongside the famous maestro - Roberto Baggio, in his first season. He was able to score all kinds of goals, but the most famous one for Rossonero came in 1996 against Verona when he took the ball from his own penalty area and dribbled past almost the entire Verona side to score a beautiful effort.

Before 1995, only European players were entitled to win the Golden Ball. In ‘95, the rules were changed and Weah became the first non-European player to win the award. Till this day, he remains the only African player to lift the trophy. His stint in the San Siro is worthy of mention. He left Milan in ‘99 after winning two Serie A titles for short spells at Chelsea and Manchester City. Weah hung up his boots in 2003 and turned to politics afterward.

Weah is known for his humility and modesty. After fighting for more than a decade, he has finally won the elections. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours. It is important to note that his playing abilities might not reflect his political abilities, however, we do hope he can bring a bright future to Liberia.