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Verona 3 - 0 AC Milan: Rossoneri rue finishing as they fall to Verona

Milan perform well but timidly as they fell to Verona’s counter

Hellas Verona FC v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Dino Panato/Getty Images

After thumping Verona in the Coppa Italia in a midweek fixture, can you blame the beaten team for serving up that dish best served cold?

Revenge was certainly on the cards as a plucky Verona side made the most of every single chance they had, while Milan’s finishing lacked any kind of resolve or finesse.

Milan played good football at times, but possession without any kind of attacking penetration is useless - and attacking penetration without a finishing move is just as pointless. Milan fired shot after shot into the ground or away from the goal - and should have won based on their actual performance. However, it is goals and not style that truly matters and when push came to shove, it was Verona who were scoring for fun. As flashy as Suso was at times, it came to naught for Milan.

Milan were perhaps unlucky to fall to their first goal - a perfectly dispatched corner kick which must be applauded. However, there were no such excuses when Moise Kean doubled the lead that was granted via Antonio Caracciolo’s perfect effort. What about the third when Daniel Bessa made it three? Each attack a driven effort, with purpose - while AC Milan simply played with themselves and capped the entire thing off with a red card for Suso.

Passion doesn’t win you games - if it did, then Rino Gattuso would have never lost a game in his life - however there’s a lot to be said for focus - Verona were clinical and Milan were wasteful. One of those teams won and the other did not and Milan are certainly in all kinds of trouble now.