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Is there anything that can save AC Milan’s season?

Now’s not the time for an overreaction, but AC Milan are seriously starting to slip away

AC Milan v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Despite an extremely positive summer, and the noise coming from Casa Milan, AC Milan still seem very much like a club on the brink - and somehow in a worse position than before Silvio Berlusconi handed over ownership of the club to RSIL!

Off the pitch insecurity, managerial pressure and a whole bunch of other issues have created a situation where instead of being a beacon of hope for Italian Football (which is doing quite well, even without a hard-hitting Milan), the Rossoneri have become a sucking black hole, destroying almost everyone to come into contact with the club.

The biggest victim, or culprit in all of this seems to be Leo Bonucci. The recent inclusion in a Fifa Team of the Year seems to be suffering massive blows to his incredible reputation with every single passing game in which he plays for Milan. What’s more, Bonucci’s actions - which seem incredibly humble (such as asking Montolivo to take the captain’s armband back), have been taken by some segments of the Milan fanbase, and the media as ‘weakness’. A man who came into Milan with the heart of the lion is only earning the reputation of a mouse right now.

What can be said about Milan’s manager, Vincenzo Montella? The man is incredibly smart, gifted, and had a promising managerial career until this season started - now he’s starting to look lost. The presence of Leo Bonucci also means that Montella finds a member of his team a more senior figure than himself - a worrying problem in terms of team dynamics. Certainly, Montella is spoilt for choice in a team without any world beating talent, but can’t seem to find a team to get him through games - unscathed. It would seem that Montella is a dead man walking at Milan, and that situation suits no-one.

So is there anything that can save Milan? It seems bleak right now - but senior figures on all sides need to step up and do something. Something more than this.