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Why does Montella not start Andre Silva and Patrick Cutrone?

The youngsters shined on Thursday night match and it’s time to let them play more often.

AC Milan v Austria Wien - UEFA Europa League Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The 5-1 victory against Austria Wien which sealed AC Milan qualification to the next round of Europa League made every fan say something like this:


Well, at least, Andre Silva and Patrick Cutrone deserve to get a real chance to show what they can do more often. And this is not just a fan talking, this is strongly supported by the numbers.

So, let’s compare their season stats with Nikola Kalinic’s so far. The Portuguese striker, Silva, collected 12 appearances this season and scored 6 times, which makes him the best scorer of the team together with Suso. Cutrone has the same goals/game ratio as Andre Silva, with his 5 goals in 10 appearances, while the Croatian forward only scored 3 times in 15 appearances.

From a numerical point of view, there would not be any reason to sit both Cutrone and Silva as much as Montella has done so far and maybe this is one of those mistakes we were talking about a couple of weeks ago. In effect, it is clear that the team benefits from their presence, not only thanks to their productivity but even thanks to their ability to make complementary movements, pressing the defenders and help the midfielders. This is proved by Milan’s solid performances during this round of Europa League, where the offense rarely had problems.

Hopefully we will have the opportunity to watch them play more than they did in this first part of the season.