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Berlusconi Weighs In On Milan’s Financial Woes; Bonnuci Asks For Support

Milan is in a mess.

AC Milan Press Conference Photo by Handout/Getty Images

After explosive reporting from the New York Times and Forbes about Milan’s Imminent financial implosion, Berlusconi has weighed in on the madness. He noted on twitter:

“To sell Milan, Fininvest entrusted advisors, law firms and banks of international standing. The Chinese buyers always met their commitments, and an important fund like Elliott felt able to provide them with a very considerable loan.”

Berlusconi seems ready to defend himself if Milan’s new owners sink the team. Honestly, considering the enormous pressure Milan fans put on Berlusconi to sell the team and considering Berlusconi is a businessman, it made sense for him to sell the team to Li who, at the time, did actually have upwards of 800 million euros to purchase the Rossoneri.

Milan is having just as much trouble on the field as off the field. Indeed, after losing 2-1 to Napoli, Milan’s captain Leonardo Bonnuci is trying to rally support for the Rossoneri. He said:

“Hello my friends, on Thursday we will have an important game in the Europa League versus Austria Vienna. We need your support to keep on dreaming about European football, which is Milan’s home. We will be waiting for you at the stadium, Forza Milan.”

Despite Bonnuci doing his best to focus on winning games, it’s hard for Milan fans to ignore the current situation. But Bonnuci is right about one thing: Milan needs to come back home.