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Athens stalemate increases pressure on Milan

We don’t need to be doing this to ourselves, Milan!

AC Milan v Juventus - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It’s not like the AC Milan of late to make life hard for themselves, is it?

Tonight’s matchup against AEK Athens represented a chance for the Rossoneri to get back into firing form - even a scoring draw would show some kind of improvement - basically anything that showed a bit of fight in the Rossoneri team would have been good as well.

So what happened tonight? You know a few weeks back, when Milan played AEK in the Europa League and we said the exact same things as we are saying now? Yeah. That.

AC Milan had a fantastic chance to cement their place in the knockout stages of the Europa League, but have unfortunately stepped off - leaving two nervy ties with Austria Wien and Rijeka to come. Milan need to finish at the top of the group to secure a good tie in the next round, but even if they avoid a Champions League dropout, you can still see this Milan team getting buried by Arsenal or Lyon.

Currently, Milan sit with 8 points, floating over Athens’ 6 with Austria Wien on 4 and Rijeka on 3. What that means is with good results, any team in the group can take on Milan and leapfrog the Rossoneri.

And with Milan stumbling, you’d have to think that it’s worth a shot for Wien and Rijeka - Milan can’t seem to get the job done and the pressure on all aspects of the club is only growing.