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Post Game Review: AC Milan 0-0 Genoa

Oh boy...

AC Milan v Genoa CFC - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Well, I’d love to say the boys played well despite being down to 10 men, but that’s only true with respect to the defense. After Bonucci was sent off for delivering a stupid elbow to one of Genoa’s players, Milan were surprisingly good on defense. We saw the reason Zapata still has a spot on the payroll as even he looked assured in the back. Romagnoli came on and provided good work as well following the sending off. All that being said,

Milan are a team without an identity, especially up front. Milan’s plan of pump it to Suso on the right wing and pray he beats everyone doesn’t work. Kessie, Borini, Suso and Cutrone (subbed in at the end) seemed to be the only players who wanted anything out of this game. Milan lack any end product and two scoreless draws against sides that are a significant drop off as far as quality goes (no disrespect to Genoa but Milan spent in excess of 250 million euros...) are unacceptable. I understand that we were down to 10 men and even though we looked the better side, we didn’t trouble Perrin at all really. Kalinic had an open shot after the ball slipped by a defender but he was wasteful and you have to think 30 million is a lot when Cutrone probably would’ve slotted it home.

It wouldn’t be fair to solely blame Montella for the performance today. We looked as if we were going to score before Bonucci was sent off. However, I really question if Kalinic should be the man to lead us up top. Cutrone and Silva seem the most confident of the two, the former with his excellent positioning and runs and the latter with his creative nature. Borini being left in to go up top/on the left I can’t really justify either. I like him as a wing back, but he shouldn’t be playing on the offense solely, not when we have more quality players on the bench. More dropped points is certainly bad news for Vincenzo Montella, and surely the fans will be calling for a sacking. All I’m saying is Thomas Tuchel or Antonio Conte would surely be welcome at the San Siro. The boys are back in action Wednesday (10/25) away at Chievo and then back home Saturday (10/28) against Juventus.