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Inter 3 - 2 Milan: Post-Game Review


FC Internazionale v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Let’s start with this. Inter were deservedly up 1-0 at the half, but they by no means deserved to win this game.

After a horrible first half showing in which Inter were the dominant side, Milan came storming back in the second half and really were the better team. Milan had chance after chance in the second half and Inter only appeared to have about 3 chances in the second half, 2 of which were unfortunately put away.

The first goal from Inter saw horrible defensive positioning by Bonucci punished with Icardi tapping it home. Montella’s placement of Suso up top, on the left side might I add, in the first half was incredibly questionable and poor play from the Spaniard in the first half showed why. Suso was moved to the right side in the second half (where he should’ve been all along) and sent two defenders the wrong way before unleashing a beautiful curling effort that went in just past Handanovic’s fingertips.

Inter’s second was nothing more than the first, horrid defensive positioning and a nice (but questionably mishit) volley by Icardi to put Inter up 2-1. We had to wait until the 80’ as Borini, who was (and I never thought I’d say this) easily the man of the match for the Rossoneri today, whipped in a beautiful cross that found an Andre Silva backheel to Bonaventura who slid the ball into the net at the back post. Handanovic did well to make a save but unfortunately it too a bounce off of what looked like his thigh back in. After a back and forth 10 minutes, Inter earned a penalty when Icardi, who was being held by Rodriguez, jumped to the pitch and milked it like he was on Juventus. (P.s. incredibly questionable call on the penalty, but is it a real shock that it was against us?) This was unfortunately for us not only a loss but close enough that Montella will probably stay on as manager as well. Milan are back in Europa action thursday against AEK before playing Genoa at the San Siro, Otober 22nd. Milan now sit 10th and that is as far from acceptable as you’ll get with this side (at least I hope).

Player Ratings:

Donnarumma - 6

Rodriguez- 5

Romagnoli - 5.5

Bonucci - 3

Musacchio - 6.5

Borini - 7

Biglia - 5

Kessie - 5.5

Bonaventura - 6.5

Andre Silva - 5.5

Suso - 6.5


Cutrone - 6

Locatelli - 5.5