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AC Milan are at the mercy of the Chinese Government

It’s all going pear shaped.

AC Milan v Udinese Calcio - Serie A Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

A new report coming from Asia’s Sponsorship News has dropped the news of what all Milan fans have dreaded. That a government intervention in China PR can see the millions of Euros takeover of the club be ended just as quickly as it started.

Simon Chadwick on Twitter pulled out the most important quote from the article-

This of course is on the heels of other reports that have said similar claims about the group that has bought Milan. Are they actually in serious financial worries? Is that transfer money they used unbacked? Why look for more investors? There are many questions and little to no answers which makes all fans worry.

This latest report brings more nerves and more serious consequences if governmental intervention is necessary it would be a serious blow to the club and even the league for allowing someone to enter the ownership tier without proper vetting.

The Chinese Government have been attempting a crackdown of sorts on many groups and the league spending well over their means. This means all teams in the Chinese league and all foreign teams tied to these investors should worry about the legitimateness of the investments made into their respective clubs.

As for AC Milan, the club will have to have faith that results on the pitch lead to more money for the squad especially considering financial fair play rules seemingly demand they qualify for Champions League or else.

This story will continue and as Milanistas all we can hope for is the best for the club.