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The Shopping Spree Continues: Milan Look to Fork Over £80M For Sergio Aguero

Milan seek to sign City’s Sergio Aguero in the January Transfer Window.

Manchester City v Shakhtar Donetsk - UEFA Champions League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Despite Milan’s rough start to the season and potential financial woes, it seems that Milan is still in shopping spree mode with the Rossoneri reportedly preparing an offer of £80M for Sergio Aguero. Even though the Manchester City striker just fractured his rib in a car crash and will be out anywhere from four to six weeks, he is expected to fully recover and be in form during the January transfer window.

The deal might come to fruition if Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez makes a move to Manchester City and if Pep Guardiola’s and Aguero’s relationship is indeed strained. Only time can tell whether this will be the first world-class player Milan’s new ownership will sign.

Of course, signing Aguero might help the club score more goals, which is something Milan still lacks, but it may make sense to invest the millions in hiring a new coach or addressing other needs that could allow Milan to win more games. In other words, Milan has invested an ample amount of its finite resources in players and should focus on building the current team rather than splashing its cash on other players.