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Fresh worries emerge over Milan’s financial future

Unbacked spending? It might get you into a hole.

AC Milan Press Conference Photo by Studio Buzzi/AC Milan via Getty Images

AC Milan’s summer was extremely interesting, we can all get behind that idea. AC Milan’s money? That might be something to worry about.

While Marco Fassone has certainly said all the right things about how Milan expect to beat Financial Fair Play Regulations, and how they are financing the team, a report by Reuters a couple of days ago seems to show that the head honcho of the move Li Yonghong, is a bit nervy. So nervy, in fact, that he is starting to ponder if he should share the load with other investors.

Now, Milan fans have no reason to doubt Fassone, nor Li - but the fact is that this move is and has always been a gamble. If Milan make it back into the Champions League, grab some top tier sponsorships, sell out the San Siro, break ground on new deals, and become one of the world’s premier football clubs - then the gamble has paid off.

However, with Milan attracting media criticism, stumbling in the league and not looking as solid as thought in the Europa League - fresh worries are emerging about the future of Milan - who will be passed into the hands of the ‘vulture fund’ Elliott, if Li cannot meet his debts to the company who backed him with his purchase of Milan.

Elliott might not be much to worry about - but we do not know that for a fact. League and cup success aren’t the bottom line for a fund like Elliott - cash is. Elliott are just as likely to asset strip Milan as they are to invest in the club.

What this means is that every single negative result in Europe or in Serie A further damns the club to an unknown future. No matter how angry Leonardo Bonucci gets on the pitch, or how distressed Vincenzo Montella is on the sideline, there is a humongous amount of pressure on Milan right now.

To put it bluntly, anything less that a third placed finish in the League could damn Milan to uncertainty, which holds unlimited possibilities - both good, admittedly, and bad.

The fact that Li wants to ‘share the burden’ of Milan not even a year into his ownership is, and should be, worrying. It shows a lack of faith in the project, and more importantly - second thoughts.