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The best of the AC Milan Offside in 2016

Thanks for a awesome 2016! Let’s do it all again this year!

Juventus vs AC Milan - Italian Super Cup Final Photo by Mohammed Dabbous/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Mixed is how I’d probably define this year for Milan.

But not really for us. It’s been pretty good having you all follow along with us as we get our feet and find our way. Milan haven’t been the most enjoyable team to watch this year, but they have been fun to write about!

The team here have found ways to create great content on a whim, and as we start this new year, I’d like to share some of that with you!

Firstly, I’ve been enjoying pieces like this one on Locatelli, by Kian. Kian’s a talented guy, but he’s best when he takes his focus to one particular player as he did here. Sometimes it’s hard for me to watch Milan, sometimes I have to watch my local team instead. Kian keeps me in touch with the prospects of our Rossoneri so i know exactly who to look out for, and why.

Our latest addition, Navjot - is a very talented man. If he’s not breaking down the goings on in Milan, he’s taking to his easel and making art.

Luca has been doing a sterling job grabbing the Milan news as it comes by. News is the foundation of blogs like this one, so without Luca and his takes on the latest in Milan, we’d have a hard time existing.

If you want to see raw passion for the Rossoneri bleed onto the screen then you’ll need to check out Matt’s writing. He perfectly summed up the pain of following Milan. Something I’ve got twofold thanks to my love of Aston Villa.

If you want an in-depth topic, or a quick update - Peter is your man. His analysis on the youth prospects coming through the doors of Milan complemented Kian’s pieces well. He’s also a dab hand at Rossoneri history and won’t shy away from bringing up the past.

This blog wouldn’t be here if not for the efforts of Tom and Michele who will regularly take a huge leap of faith outside of their comfort zones to cover Milan. Michele will always find the time to translate articles and if you want authenticity in your writing, you won’t find it outside of Michele’s work, and his understanding of this new look Milan under Montella is some of the best stuff this blog has put out all year.

Tom on the other-hand is our everyman, he’ll cover the bases and lay the foundations. He does anything and everything for this blog and that includes beating up massive spiders in his Australian homeland and waking up at 3am just to watch Milan and cover the team for you. That being said, he can usually be found manning our social media feeds or taking the piss out of Milan.

It wouldn’t be a best of without mentioning my mentor, Liz. I find it hard to write about Italy and Italian culture, as I’ve no connection to it. Liz, on the other hand - is embedded in it. When we needed focus on the Azzurri, she was there!

If you’re reading this, thanks! If you’re writing for this blog, thanks! We’re always looking for more team members and while we cannot yet pay, we are trying to build something special here. If you are interested, get in touch.