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AC Milan owe Napoli a beating

Milan faltered and flustered against the Naples team last time out. It’s time for revenge

SSC Napoli v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

Way way back on the 27th of August, when this promising season thus far seemed to be faltering, AC Milan were battered by a strong Napoli side in a match that looked as though AC Milan were back to business as usual.

Business as usual being ANOTHER low finish - with no threat to the strongest sides in Serie A.

A strong performance from Arkadiusz Milik headlined a miserable game for Milan. Unfortunately for Napoli, the young Pole was struck down with a ligament injury shortly after. Milan went into the break two goals down.

The most surprising part was that Milan actually managed to engineer a comeback, before losing their heads. Niang and Suso scored a goal apiece within four minutes of each other. At 2-2 the game was on.

Until Milan lost the plot. The game became heated very quickly and after Napoli took the lead with fifteen minutes to play, Juraj Kucka launched into a dangerous tackle that saw him sent off of the pitch. M’Baye Niang was also sent for a stupid foul with three minutes to play.

And even then, Milan hung on. The worst was yet to come, even with two players sent off. A comical decision by Romagnoli would cap the game off for Milan.

Without bias, it’s easy to see why the referee refused to obey the rules of the game. At this point, Milan were being embarrassed and a further sending off would only add to the humiliation. The ref allowed the goal to stand (even though Romagnoli’s handball prevented the ball from crossing the line) and Milan finished the game with a 4-2 loss to Napoli.

Today Milan owe Napoli a beating. Both teams find themselves on relatively equal footing and if Milan want to progress in this league and challenge at the top - they need to beat Napoli and banish this terrible game to the history books.