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AC Milan can’t actually afford Deulofeu and that’s sad

Milan might have to settle for a loan deal for their main winter target

Watford v Everton - Premier League Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

The Rossoneri have spent the entire winter transfer window pursuing Everton winger Gerard Deulofeu. That’s one whole player.

So, it’s currently the 17th of January, over half-way through the transfer window and with Milan’s entire recruitment methods so focused on a single player, you’d expect the deal to be done - right? So what’s holding up the transfer?

Well, it’s money. Rather, Milan’s lack of cash.

Having browsed the store for their goods and approached the cash register, Silvio Berlusconi’s team have been left rather red faced. There’s no cash in the AC Milan wallet! Oops. Their permanent offer was rejected, meaning that Milan can only loan the Spaniard from Everton - who are looking to get rid of him and would prefer a permanent deal.

It’s a sorry state of affairs when Milan can identify squad reinforcements, but can’t buy them due to lack of resources. A club that was once the cream of Europe is now being forced to pry pennies from behind cushions. It’s not Lionel Messi, it’s not Zlatan, it isn’t Belotti, Benzema or Giroud. It’s a squad player that is barely featuring for Everton. That’s sad.

This takeover can’t happen soon enough!