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What was good about Milan in 2016?

We revisit the best moments of Milan’s year in 2016.

Juventus vs AC Milan - Italian Super Cup Final Photo by Mohammed Dabbous/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

It’s been an okay year for Milan, but things are looking up for the Rossoneri in 2017 under Montella’s leadership. With that in mind, let’s revisit some of the best Milan moments of last year!

Gianluigi Donnarumma: Oh boy, is there a lot to talk about here. The 17 year old has shown great poise in front of goal, showcasing his ability with some incredible saves like this one:

And this one:

And how could we forget about this:

It’s been a great year for the young shot stopper, and Milan fans should be excited about what’s to come.


Another young talent, Suso has finally unlocked his potential and has become one of the best wingers in the league. Signed from Liverpool, Suso struggled to find his footing at first, but after his loan to Genoa, it seems as though the youngster has found his confidence.

Suso has created the most goals for the club, totalling an impressive six assists and is Milan’s second leading scorer behind Carlos Bacca. The Spaniard notched a brace against dreaded rivals Inter and he absolutely dominated Juventus’s Patrice Evra in Doha, sending in a massive 24 crosses, one of which found the head of Giacomo Bonaventura for the tying goal.

Liverpool will live to regret the transfer as Suso continues to blossom into a world-class talent.

Giacomo Bonaventura:

Jack’s been the man for Milan, the lone bright spot for the club in the past couple of years. Luckily, he’s not alone this year. One of the most heavily underrated players in the league, Bonaventura continues to prove his worth.

Probably Milan’s best player, Bonaventura provides the spark in an otherwise lacklustre midfield. Bonaventura dazzles with his impressive dribbling, but he can also create goals, tallying two goals and two assists this season, earning him a 7.53 rating from WhoScored, the highest for Milan.

Jack’s been there since the beginning, and it looks as he’s here to stay. Thanks for everything, Jack!


Thought by many to be the next Pirlo, Locatelli may just have found his potential unlike one Hachim Mastour.

Dazzling with his dribbling and passing, Locatelli scored two screamers to earn six points for Milan.

Here they are:



And here’s Tiziano Crudelli just for fun:

You can see what it means for the youngster, who has shown his emotions, moved by his goal against Sassuolo and the Supercoppa win. Locatelli may be just the fix for our midfield.

Gianluigi Lapadula:

Purchased from Pescara, many believed that Lapadula would be a flop, unable to adjust to the higher competition in the Serie A. He has done just the opposite, however, scoring four goals in five games.

While not quite a Jamie Vardy fairy-tale, Lapadula has proved clinical, scoring the match-winner against Palermo and Crotone. It’s moments like these where Lapadula shows his skill:

He has given Bacca a run for his money, and it will be up to Montella who starts as the striker.

Coppa Tim Final:

One of the bright spots of last season, Milan managed to reach the final of the Coppa Italia only to lose to a better Juventus side. While not entirely deserved as they beat Sampdoria, Carpi, and Alessandria, they were still able to reach the final of the domestic cup, a feat that marked the beginning of better times for the club.

Nevertheless, it allowed Milan to qualify for the Supercoppa which they won with a great performance.

Vincenzo Montella:

We have to give credit where it’s due, and Montella has proved worthy of praise. He has managed to form a cohesive side from a mediocre pool of players, and he’s gotten results when they matter.

Guiding Milan to a Supercoppa win which seemed impossible judging by last year, Montella has made Milan fans happy. Milan currently sit fifth in the Serie A with the potential to be third if they win their make-up game, and Montella is responsible.

Milan fans have been accustomed to mid-table finishes for all too long now, and Montella may the man to change that.

Overall, it hasn’t been bad for Milan, and here’s to better years to come!