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Are Milan set to make an outrageous move for Tottenham's Harry Kane?

Not likely!

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Milan are rumored to be interested in Harry Kane, the top scorer of the 2015-2016 EPL.

The English striker scored 25 goals last season, and 21 in the one before that. While Kane would certainly be a great addition for Milan, the money should be focused towards reinforcing their defense and midfield, two places where Milan is clearly lacking.

Before we can start evaluating whether Kane is a good buy for Milan, we must take into consideration that this rumor could more than likely have been fabricated by an overexcited media

Milan fans have sure had their fair share of those!

Milan have also been rumored to be interested in Verratti, another world-class player who is unlikely to go to Milan. The Rossoneri need to attain success before they will be able to attract top-quality players such as these two, and they will likely have to settle for lesser names such as Badelj and Rodrigo Caio.

While these rumors would certainly be great if true, they are most likely nothing but a ruse. Unfortunately for Milan fans, don't expect for Milan to undergo a complete transformation overnight. The rebuilding of the team will be a slow process, but with the sale to the Chinese, at least it will be possible.