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New Milan executives named

A recent report has named Milan’s new executives

According to calcioefinanza, Milan have brought aboard a new team of directors and executives to help Milan’s takeover complete in a smooth fashion.

The report, below, names the Managing Director of Rothschild Italy, the Gianni - Origoni, Grippo & Capelli law firm and Auro Palomba as the groups and people who will be running AC Milan for the foreseeable future.

The report, from CorriereEconomia (translated from Italian, so mind the mistakes) is in full, below.

‘During the month of August the CEO-elect of Milan, Marco Fassone, completed the team of advisors who will help Sino Europe Sports in the acquisition by the Group chaired by Marina Berlusconi, bringing aboard experts in the field: the banker Rothschild Alessandro Daffina who has worked among others with the Chinese Wanda and the sale of the Roma, the lawyer Roberto Cappelli GOP, in the past also chairman of Parma and Roma, and the communicator Auro Palomba of Community, former advisor to Juventus after Calciopoli and Thohir Inter's capture.