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Milan 2-0 Lazio: Match Recap

AC Milan win and dominate a game for once as they secure their second clean sheet in a row

AC Milan v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It’s a funny thing.

AC Milan can make scoring and playing well look so damn hard, but proved how easy it was in the first half of tonight’s match with Lazio.

That’s all it took, a incisive through-ball from Kucka to a pacing Carlos Bacca. So route one, so simple, yet so beautiful.

What was this match? It was another Donnarumma clean sheet, it was another Bacca goal. Two men who are really providing this Milan team with a spark at both ends of the pitch.

Truth be told, Milan could have scored almost seven goals, but it was not to be. I’m sure Montella and co would be happy with one and the three points that victory brings. It could rightly have been two before the half-time break, but Kucka’s goal was disallowed. Another chance for Milan’s second was spurned by M’Baye Niang who missed when it would have been easier to score.

Milan’s second goal would eventually arrive after a Lazio handball. Niang would of course redeem himself and put extend Milan’s lead.

The match ended with some awkwardness as Milan’s substitutes seemed to aim for the moon with some rather silly shooting. Seriously, each Milan substitute seemed to simply kick the ball as hard as they could at the goal. I didn’t know Montella was launching a space programme!

That being said, Milan have six points, two clean sheets and two Bacca goals out of their last two games and I for one am feeling out of this world.