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Montella could test a new setup for AC Milan midfield on Tuesday night

Vincenzo Montella is trying to make some changes in order to improve his midfield.

US Sassuolo, AC Milan, Celta Vigo - TIM Preseason Tournament Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The AC Milan midfielders didn’t shine in their first four appearances so far this season and showed an alarming lack of athleticism against their opponents. Their struggles added pressure to the Milan defence and they have to thank Gianluigi Donnarumma for keeping them competitive. On the other side, they unexpectedly displayed quality and technique when they had to move the ball and build an attack.

For that reason, Vincenzo Montella tested a different setup in today’s training session, lining up Jose Sosa, Manuel Locatelli and Juraj Kucka at midfield, as reported by Sky Sport. These three players could provide the necessary mix of athleticism and quality to improve his team’s performances especially in the defensive phase. Locatelli would likely take Riccardo Montolivo’s place at center mostly with defensive tasks, Kucka could play both on the right and on the left and would contribute with his usual energy, while “El Principito” Sosa would be the “playmaker” and would be free to move and play wherever it’s necessary. It’s clear that Sosa is still not 100% fit and might be subbed during the match, but his technique and ability to find the forwards with long passes — and he’s already showed that in the previous games — would be really important for the Rossoneri even if for 50-60 minutes only.

This would be a major change that could help the team play the way Montella would like to, but may still be a really dangerous move in terms of defensive balance, especially against a team that can rely on a strong offensive line like Lazio. However, we’ve already learned to trust Montella, he knows what he’s doing.