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Have AC Milan finally been sold?

Yonghong Li will be the man to lead Milan.

Beijing Issues Red Alert On Air Pollution For The First Time Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

It actually looks like it.

James Horncastle, BT Sport’s Serie A man and Guardian Football Weekly member has announced that Yonghong Li has purchased Milan.

I’ll be upfront and honest. There’s no clear picture on exactly who Yonghong Li is. That doesn’t mean he’s a sinister figure or someone to be worried about, as I imagine most Chinese websites won’t be full of info on Silvio Berlusconi either!

Well, that’s good news. The delay of the sale revolved around Berlusconi’s investment request. It’s unsure where the €350 million will be spent, but one can hope that it goes directly into the transfer market to bring in some new players!

As I stated earlier, information on Milan’s potential new owner is scarce. That being said, a ‘Yonghong Li' appears in the infamous Panama Papers as a shareholder of the offshore Panama based company - ALKIMIACONST S.A. It's not certain if this Li is the same gentleman who has purchased Milan.

Things might just be turning around. We will keep you updated.