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GRAPHIC:Former Milan man suffers gruesome injury

The Frenchman suffered a gruesome injury during Bordeaux's 3-1 win against Lorient.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Warning: If you don't have a strong stomach, you should probably click off of the article right about now.

Menez could have certainly had a better debut for his club, severing his ear in his first match. The Frenchman entered during the intermission, leaving just 22 minutes later after he got into a collision with an opponent.

Menez, recently acquired by Bordeaux on a free transfer, suffered a deep cut on his right ear, tearing the top part of his ear off, possibly requiring surgical intervention.

As you can see Menez's right ear is missing a chunk, ripped off by the opponent's cleats. It's a very unfortunate injury for the attacker, and we hope that he makes a quick and full recovery, provided that the doctors find that missing part of his ear out on the field.

It's lucky for Milan that Menez moved on!