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Milan's transfer plans fall through, again

It looks as though Musacchio won't be heading to Milan after all.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

It's official. Milan have lost out on yet another transfer target. What seemed like two done deals in Musacchio and Zielinski have turned out to be flops. Musacchio's agent recently commented on the deal, stating that the deal had fallen through.

Musacchio looked like a done deal, but Milan has had to pull out of the negotiations after the takeover of the club was delayed until August, leaving the club with zero money to spend on the mercato. It looks as though Mussachio will be replaced by Gustavo Gomez, a transfer which allows Milan to pay next year. It's unfortunate, as Musacchio was a great prospect for the Milan defense, but without any money, Milan is unable to finalize any acquisitions, already losing out on Pjaca and Zielinski.

It seems as though Milan's transfer window will consist entirely of free transfers, barring Lapadula who was purchased with El Sharaawy's sale, unless the deal with the Chinese goes through before the end of the window. Nothing new for the fans who are obviously discontent with the club, purchasing only 6,000 season tickets, a quarter of last year's purchases.