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Cesc Fabregas has been offered to Milan

What in the blazes?!

International Champions Cup 2016 - Chelsea v Liverpool Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Milan’s dying transfer window is about to get a shot in the arm.

Cesc Fabregas has been offered to the Rossonero and an answer on their decision can be expected at 3pm.

Milan have had a dead transfer window. I mean, they are undergoing a takeover - but still. The squad hasn’t been bolstered and coach Montella has to make do with scraps. He’s doing fairly well with those scraps, but it won’t last and he’ll get the blame if it all goes wrong.

That might change if Milan bring in the former Barcelona man from Chelsea. There’s no word on a fee, but Chelsea could be kind here considering Fabregas might not have a part to play at Stamford Bridge this year.

It’s a good move for Milan, especially if the Wilshere loan doesn’t come good. Milan’s midfield needs a bit more than Montolivo can offer. Maybe Cesc can provide that?