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Are Milan interested in Jack Wilshere?

Could Jack Wilshere be moving to Milan?

Clive Rose/Getty Images

According to a recent report by The Sun, Milan have submitted an offer to Arsenal for Jack Wilshere. The player reportedly asked the club for a move after he was unhappy with the playing time he was getting. Arsenal are looking to loan the player out, and Milan is looking to strengthen their midfield with the limited funds available.

Milan have offered a season long loan with the right to purchase the player at the end of the season for £30 million pounds. The loan would allow Milan to wait until the takeover funds come in after the closing of the deal, and it would fill a very weak spot in Milan's roster. Wilshere has shown lots of potential in his appearances thus far for Arsenal, and Milan could be the place where the star breaks out. If he can stay clear of injury!

The 24 year old midfielder provided some good showings for England in the European Championship, and he could be a good signing to strengthen Milan's midfield for years to come. Milan fans must be wary, however, as this would not be the first time false rumors have spread regarding the club's transfer market.The deal would have to proceed very quickly as the transfer deadline is on August 31st at 11 p.m. Italy time.