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Napoli vs AC Milan match preview

Milan get ready to duke it out with the giants of Naples.

AC Milan v FC Torino - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Following the Donnarumma heroics of just a week ago, Milan must now regroup and prepare the squad’s next and far greater challenge. Saturday the 27th will see the squad travel south to face SSC Napoli.

While the match against Torino ended (in most spectacular fashion) with Milan coming away with the all--important three points, the performance left much to be desired with the squad’s ability to defend and the mental fragility under latter stages of the game suggest Montella has yet to gel his squad.

A far more mentally and technically proficient performance will be required against a Napoli squad fresh from re-stocking their squad following their post-Higuain payout. In spite of the new signings, Napoli themselves would appear also to have much to work out, being held 2-2 to a Pescara side finished 4th in Serie B last season. New signings Milik and Zielinski were both unable to make an impact follow substitution appearances in the second-half and will surely be looking to improve on their opening performances.

Despite the previous results for either of the teams, it can be safely said that Napoli go into this match as solid favourites. Milan face a far greater challenge, up against a hostile away crowd as well as a squad that at this early stage in the season would appear to be the stronger. With new Beşiktaş signing José Sosa unlikely to feature, the brunt of expectation will be on the midfielders available to match the previous week’s attacking and defensive heroics by Bacca and Donnarumma, and to show that this year (at long last!!) AC Milan has a squad capable of competing with the top squads in Serie A.