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Gianluigi Donnarumma saved Milan and possibly broke a record

Congrats, fam.

AC Milan v FC Torino - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It’s more than likely that Milan’s hospitals were full of Rossoneri last night. Drunk, choking, panicking or high as a damned kite.

The fact is, yesterday’s match with Torino put Milan’s loyal following through a meat grinder of intense emotion. Leading the match 3-2, Milan managed to give away a penalty in the NINETY-FIFTH minute of the match.

Enter Gigio.

It might be worth saying that it’s a poor penalty from the striker there. Despite that, it shows that Donnarumma has the ability to stay cool under pressure. You wouldn’t expect that from most goalkeepers around the world, let alone a 17 year old. He can’t even drink.

Nerves of adamantium.

Over in our Slack channel, our Michele Pasquali mentioned that it’s possible that Donnarumma is the youngest player to ever save a penalty in Serie A. I’ll keep digging to find out, but I’m willing to claim it for Gigio.

Over on SBNation Soccer, Kevin McCauley said that Milan have a ‘superstar in the net’. I can’t agree more.