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Milan 3 Torino 2: Match recap as Donnarumma saves Milan

Donnarumma was the hero on Sunday, saving a penalty in the 95th minute, allowing Milan to win 3-2 on Bacca's hat trick.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Milan scraped past a mediocre Torino with the help of Gianluigi Donnarumma and Carlos Bacca.

The match started off well, Milan establishing their superiority in the first half, garnering a couple of chances from Niang, before Bacca headed home a goal off a superb cross from Abate.


The Turin side looked to be struggling, their key player, Ljajic, removed just twenty minutes in after suffering an injury to his knee. Niang looked good on the ball, playing some good passes and cutting incisively to trouble Torino's defense. The midfield, however, was a different story.

Even against a lacklustre side like Torino, the midfield struggled to retain possession, often losing the ball to reckless passes and half-hearted tackles, so usual Milan fare, then! The second half started with a bang, Torino equalizing just a couple of minutes into the final 45, thanks to a header from Belotti.

Milan did not give up and Bacca scored his second from an assist from Niang. Bacca would later finish the hat trick, calmly slotting home a penalty won by Bonaventura. The match seemed to be in Milan's control up until the 90th minute, where we began to see signs of the old Milan.

Baselli dribbled past a confused Milan defense, putting it past Donnarumma, pulling one back for Torino. Milan's troubles continued, the referee giving a questionable penalty to Torino, sending Paletta off for a second bookable offense. It was reminiscent of Milan's penalty win against Bayern in the ICC, where Vergara gave up a penalty to Ribery in the last minute. Belotti steps up to the penalty spot, Milan fans around the world start sweat whilst cursing at their TV, wondering what they had done to deserve this. If Belotti scores, it's 3-3 and Milan have chucked away a solid lead that turns three points into a single one.

Belotti shoots, Donnarumma saves. Game over.

Bacca gets the man-of-the-match ball, but Donnarumma is the real hero. I could watch this save all day.